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Thinking long-term about the future growth and development of our community allows staff and citizens to prepare for and take advantage of changing conditions that we may experience. By having a vision for our future, we are able to enhance our strengths, embrace opportunities, address any weaknesses or threats, and preserve what matters most to us as a community. A comprehensive plan provides us with the opportunity to come together and determine the future development of our community. The plan covers topics such as housing and neighborhoods, community facilities, economic development, appearance, amenities and entertainment, and land preservation.

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Why Now?

Our current comprehensive plan, Legacy 2030 Update, was adopted a decade ago. Since its adoption, there have been economic,  cultural, and societal changes and trends that impact our future. Methods for addressing these changing conditions need to be discussed by the public to ensure that we are moving forward together on our desired path.


Per State Statute Sec. 160D-501, North Carolina municipalities are required to have a comprehensive plan that is reasonably maintained as a condition of adopting and applying zoning codes.

Planning Process


Planning staff gathers information on current trends, community history, and demographic data.


The public provides their views and thoughts on the future of the community through surveys, in-person meetings, and community events.


Policies and recommendations for future growth and development are drafted based on public input and current trends. Final public outreach on draft plan.


After community members have reviewed the draft plan, it is brought before the City and County elected bodies for adoption. Adoption is through a public hearing process.

Topics of Consideration

The policies and recommendations included in the Forward 2045 Comprehensive Plan have the potential to touch upon multiple concepts impacting our community. Some of these concepts include:                           

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